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Vegetable Flavor Combinations

This is a guide to creating your own recipes by learning what flavors go together. This is part my own experimentation and part excerpts and inspiration from the most amazing book The Flavor Bible by Kare Page & Andrew Dorenburg.


  • Artichokes+butter+garlic+lemon+parsley
  • Artichokes+garlic+lemon (optional mint)
  • Artichokes+lemon+mint+yogurt
  • Artichokes+red pepper flakes+anchovies
  • Artichokes+beets+dijon mustard+chives
  • Artichokes+hot chilis+lemon+olive oil (optional pancetta)
  • Artichokes+mayonnaise+garlic
  • Artichokes+white wine+onions+garlic+parsley


  • Asparagus+cayenne+lime
  • Asparagus+chives+garlic+morel mushrooms+shallots
  • Asparagus+garlic+ginger+sesame
  • Asparagus+garlic+leeks+onions+potatoes
  • Asparagus+lemon zest+nutmeg+olive oil+salt
  • Asparagus+eggs+tarragon


  • Beets+chives+orange+vinegar
  • Beets+citrus+goat cheese+walnuts
  • Beets+endive+walnuts+goat cheese
  • Beets+olive oil+balsamic vinegar
  • Beets+pistachios+yogurt+honey
  • Beets+mint+yogurt
  • Beets+chocolate+orange

Bell Peppers

  • Bell Peppers+onions+chili peppers+garlic
  • Bell Peppers+basil+currants+garlic+pine nuts+sherry vinegar
  • Bell Peppers+eggplant+tomatoes+basil
  • Bell Peppers+garlic+olive oil+onion+thyme+zucchini

Broccoli Rabe/Broccoli/Broccolini

  • Broccoli+anchovies+capers+garlic+red pepper flakes+olive oil
  • Broccoli+garlic+lemon juice+olive oil
  • Broccoli+garlic+oregano
  • Broccoli+GF soy sauce+ginger+garlic
  • Broccoli+almonds+lemon zest+salt

Brussels Sprouts

  • Brussels Sprouts+bacon+garlic+cider vinegar
  • Brussels Sprouts+chestnuts+butter+pomegranate seeds
  • Brussels Sprouts+lemon juice+thyme
  • Brussels Sprouts+walnuts+vanilla+pomegranates+lemon or orange zest
  • Brussels Sprouts+smoked paprika+ancho chili pepper+lemon or orange zest


  • Red cabbage+apples+cider vinegar
  • Red cabbage+chestnuts+pork
  • Red cabbage+balsamic vinegar+coconut sugar+apples (optional feta)
  • Green Cabbage+turmeric+ginger+garlic+curry+coconut
  • Green cabbage+aioli+mustard+vinegar+honey+celery seeds
  • Green Cabbage+butter/olive oil+salt+shallots
  • Savoy Cabbage+GF soy sauce+scallions+ginger+garlic


  • Carrots+pistachios+tarragon
  • Carrots+maple syrup+orange
  • Carrots+cilantro+lime
  • Carrots+cumin+orange
  • Carrots+dill+orange
  • Carrots+celery+onions (aka mirepoix)


  • Cauliflower+anchovies+red pepper flakes+garlic+olive oil
  • Cauliflower+cilantro+cloves+cumin+turmeric
  • Cauliflower+curry+apple (optional cilantro)
  • Cauliflower+pine nuts+lime
  • Cauliflower+olive oil+chicken/vegetable broth (optional add ins garam masala or smoked paprika,chili powder)
  • Cauliflower+cream (cashew or non dairy milk)+black pepper (optional add ins garam masala or nutmeg, or chili powder)

Chard (Swiss Chard)

  • Chard+bell peppers+eggplant+tomatoes
  • Chard+red pepper flakes+lemon juice+mushrooms
  • Chard+raisins+pine nuts+balsamic vinegar


  • Cucumber+chili peppers+mint+yogurt
  • Cucumber+cilantro+ginger+rice vinegar+honey
  • Cucumber+dill+salmon+citrus
  • Cucumber+garlic+mint+yogurt/or feta+red wine vinegar
  • Cucumber+lemon+sesame oil+vinegar
  • Cucumber+jalapeno+dill+onion


  • Eggplant+basil+bell peppers+garlic+tomatoes
  • Eggplant+olive oil+balsamic vinegar+basil
  • Eggplant+bell peppers+mustard+garlic
  • Eggplant+garlic+lemon+tahini+olive oil+parsley
  • Eggplant+ginger+Bragg’s Aminos (soy sauce substitute)+cilantro+sesame oil
  • Eggplant+anchovies+chili peppers+garlic


  • Fennel+chili peppers+orange or grapefruit+ginger
  • Fennel+almonds+fennel seeds+honey+lemon
  • Fennel+asparagus+fennel seeds+garlic+olive oil
  • Fennel+lemon+mint+olive oil+olives+oranges
  • Fennel+garlic+onions+tomatoes


  • Mushrooms+garlic+lemon+olive oil (optional add ins: rosemary, wine, parsley, shallots, pepper, thyme)
  • Mushrooms, cream (cashew), sherry, parsley or thyme or chives
  • Mushrooms, spinach, pork, vinegar (balsamic, red, or sherry)


  • Onions+balsamic vinegar+honey
  • Onions+garlic+thyme (optional add ins: chili peppers, bay leaf, bacon, wine)
  • Onions+black pepper+eggs
  • Onions+goat cheese+sherry vinegar (optional add ins tomatoes, basil, salad greens, black pepper, honey)


  • Parsnips+carrots+nutmeg (optional add ins: sweet potatoes, butternut squash)
  • Parsnips+honey+mustard (optional add ins: chives, parsley)
  • Parsnips+maple syrup+ginger
  • Parsnips+curry+cashew or coconut cream


  • Peas+basil+lemon+olive oil
  • Peas+tomatoes+onion+curry+cauliflower
  • Peas+celery+onions+stock+olive oil
  • Peas+mint+mushrooms
  • Peas+carrots+parsley or tarragon
  • Peas+leeks+eggs (optional add ins: bacon, chives, fennel)


  • Pumpkin+allspice+cinnamon+ginger
  • Pumpkin+bay leaf+pepper+onions+sage
  • Pumpkin+chocolate+chilis+raisins
  • Pumpkin+apples+curry
  • Pumpkin+honey+balsamic vinegar+walnuts
  • Pumpkin+olive oil+rosemary (optional add ins: pine nuts, garlic, chicken stock)
  • Pumpkin+cream (cashew or coconut)+orange+vanilla+maple syrup +nutmeg


  • Radicchio+arugula+endive (optional add ins: walnuts, balsamic vinegar, mushrooms, olive oil)
  • Radicchio+fennel+prosciutto+lemon
  • Radicchio+pears+goat cheese+walnuts
  • Radicchio+hard-boiled eggs+olive oil+sherry vinegar+prosciutto


  • Radishes+cilantro+Bragg’s Aminos/GF soy sauce+ginger
  • Radishes+chives+butter+salt
  • Radishes+mint+pears
  • Radishes+lemon+parsley+cashew cream


  •  Spinach+chives+goat cheese
  • Spinach+strawberries+balsamic vinegar
  • Spinach+bacon+cider vinegar (optional add ins: hardboiled eggs, walnuts, garlic, onions)
  • Spinach+cumin+garlic+lemon+yogurt
  • Spinach+feta+tomatoes
  • Spinach+garlic+mushrooms (optional add ins: GF soy sauce, shallots, sesame seeds)

Winter Squash (Acorn, Butternut, Kabocha)

  • Winter Squash+bacon+maple syrup+sage
  • Winter Squash+coconut +sweet curry (optional add ins: apples, cilantro, ginger)
  • Winter Squash+pears+feta+chestnuts+(optional: brown butter)
  • Winter Squash+garlic+sage+olive oil or butter
  • Winter Squash+nutmeg+bay leaf (optional add ins: maple syrup, chicken stock, rosemary, onions)
  • Winter Squash+cream (coconut or cashew)+cinnamon (optional add ins chili peppers, maple syrup, onions)

Sweet Potatoes

  • Sweet Potatoes+allspice+cinnamon+ginger
  • Sweet Potatoes+chili peppers+lemon zest
  • Sweet Potatoes+spicy sausage+orange
  • Sweet Potatoes+cilantro+lime
  • Sweet Potatoes+kale+prosciutto or other pork product
  • Sweet Potatoes+maple syrup+pecans
  • Sweet Potatoes+banana+caramel
  • Sweet Potatoes+pears+walnuts+cranberries+goat cheese


  • Tomatoes+avocado+basil (optional add ins: crab, lemon)
  • Tomatoes+basil+goat cheese
  • Tomatoes+basil+balsamic vinegar+garlic+olive oil
  • Tomatoes+basil+watermelon+olive oil+orange juice (optional: cream coconut, ginger)
  • Tomatoes+mint+watermelon
  • Tomatoes+chili peppers+garlic+onions
  • Tomatoes+basil+oregano+thyme
  • Tomatoes+olives+fennel
  • Tomatoes+garlic+cilantro+onions
  • Tomatoes+cream (cashew)+almonds+cucumber

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